Thor’s Mega Tetris makes Guinness Book

It took a day of shivering in an ice cold MetaForum market hall, but after that study association Thor had completed what they’d been aspiring to do for two years: creating the largest game of Tetris ever.

They broke the record on Monday afternoon around four thirty, when the required four lines of blocks on the giant LED grid measuring a thousand square meters were gone. By playing the game, the framework made it into the Guinness Book of World Records this time, as opposed to their failed attempt two years ago.

Because of the past deception, Thor – the study association of Electrical Engineering – had played it safe this time. They used the obstacle-free and weather-resistant market hall for the record attempt, and postponed the moment the audience can enjoy Mega Tetris to two weeks from now, when Thor will suspend the LED grid from Potentiaal using a crane. World record in hand, of course.

From December 15-19, Thor will set up a playground at the parking next to Potentiaal, from which the dropping blocks may be controlled with a joystick. Thor has learned from their attempt two years ago: back then, the separate parts were hoisted up from above, which is why they were damaged. A second improvement involves the PCBs in the framework, which are now packed in lunchboxes for better protection.

Source and photo: (by San van Suchtelen)

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