No clarity on shutting down of Eindhoven police stations

It is still unclear whether police stations in Eindhoven will be shut down, said a police spokesperson. This information follows a news item announcing that half of all police stations in the Netherlands will be shut down.

It is unknown what will happen to police stations in all of Brabant. According to the police spokesperson, the reason for the vagueness stems from special circumstances in Brabant. It seems that in the Meierij area, an experiment is taking place regarding a new way of working, whereby police constables could operate with less need to rely on police stations.

The police spokesperson said that there is no concrete solution yet. He elaborated further, that of course, it will be undesirable that citizens arriving at a police station will be faced with a closed door. He expects that the situation will become clear in the course of 2015.

Source: Studio040

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