New record attempt TU/e for biggest Tetris game ever

Student association Thor, again, is going to attempt to build the biggest Tetris game ever. They already tried to do so two years ago, but failed.

The Tetris game is going to be set up horizontally first, at the Forum. It is a huge framework, including 3200 LEDs, 3 kilometres of power cables and 400 metres of PVC pipes. If they succeed today, the record is set.

In two weeks, on 15 December, an attempt will be made to hang the Tetris grid against the Potentiaal building with a crane. That is where it went wrong two years ago, because part of the installation got stuck and many lights failed to turn on. This time, lunch boxes will be used to protect the PCBs.

If all goes well, the enormous Tetris game can be played, with joysticks placed in the Potentiaal parking lot, starting 15 December.

Source: Studio040

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