Burglaries in Stratum not down to 1 offender

The burglaries and attempts thereof in the Stratum area are not down to one offender. The seven break-ins and three further attempts are not the work of one offender or group, according to police spokesman, Rick Ebli in an interview with Studio040.

Now it’s getting darker earlier, the amount of burglaries are on the up. And in such a large area as Stratum, the spread of burglaries is quite extensive. Yet Stratum isn’t the only area to be hit by burglaries. ‘It’s going on elsewhere too’, said Ebli.

To reduce the opportunities for burglaries, the police have gotten more people involved. They hope in this way to make residents more alert. An example of this is the ‘white feet action’, during which police officers laid paper ‘shoes’ in the possible routes that might be targeted by criminals. In this way, the police are hoping that residents will become more aware of the entry-opportunities in residential areas.

According to Ebli, the poliice are mainly depending on the citiens themselves. Calling 112 increases the chances for the police to catch burglars in the act, he said.

Source: Studio040

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