Start redevelopment NRE area in April

In April redevelopment will start in the NRE area at the Nachtegaalplein. That is what the city of Eindhoven reported yesterday during a meeting of council members and creative entrepreneurs.

The land under this former factory area is polluted. As the NRE area is being redeveloped in stages, the soil also has to be tidied up in stages. In April they will put the first shovel into the ground. At that moment they will start working on the ground near the access road and the sewer system.

The NRE area is due to be the new cultural hotspot in the city, with restaurants, stages and workshops. Not only reorganization can delay redevelopment. Parking also continues to be a tricky problem. People continuously want to park in the area, but there is little space to park a car. The question still remains if the city will bridge the gap money wise. Entrepreneurs in the area are now researching options for parking themselves.

Source: Studio040

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