Mayor to come up with plan regulated canabis growing

Mayor Rob van Gijzel will come up with a new plan for regulated canabis growing. Opposition party VVD has asked Van Gijzel to come up with this plan before 1 January 2015. The mayor is going to check which steps should be taken to start up a pilot.

The public support for the current situation has decreased socially and politically, says Van Gijzel. "Today’s policy for coffeeshops, especially the problems at the backdoor, are no longer tenable".

"In the field of public healthcare we as gouvernment are not able to control the quality of canabis. The problem at hand is an increasing influence of organized crime and we have the risk of house fires and disruption of society".

The after-tax that a large amount of Dutch citizens will get has played a part in the choice to come up with a new plan. This is the straw that broke the camel’s back for the mayor. "You and me, we are victims. We have to pay the after-tax, up to eighty euros per tax payer. At the same time illegal canabis growers, who are regularly managed by organised crime are getting away with it. I think that is wrong".

In 2012 already Van Gijzel wanted a canabis pilot in Eindhoven. At that time it did not go through.

Source: Studio040

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