Elluf Elluf: Carnaval season starts today

Today, the eleventh of November, is the official start of the new Carnaval season. For the second time, an Elluf Elluf party is organized in Eindhoven.

The official opening ceremony will take place on Statumseind, where a special light ornament will be unveiled. Traditionally, ‘het Lempke’ (the light) at the Markt is turned off on Carnaval Tuesday, so the organization decided it would be appropriate to start Carnaval by turning on the light.

The Elluf Elluf party is organized by carnaval organization D’Hoane and the Federatie Eindhoven Carnaval, who say that many more cafés will be participating in this year’s party than they did last year. Various marching bands will also be playing on Stratumseind and the Markt.

Source: Studio040

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