No measures taken by community in rat control

The city council will not take action to control the nuisance of rats in the Eindhoven-Noord area. A majority of the Eindhoven politicians does not feel like raising funds for pest control.

According to city council member Torunoglu and the coalition parties in the city council the local inhabitants are responsible for pest control. Research by the GGD has apparently shown there is no danger to public health. Only if that is the case, the city council members wants to raise funding for controling the rats.

Moreover, the rats are hanging around in private locations, in sheds and gardens. Therefore the local inhabitants have to solve these problems themselves, the coalition fractions think.
Opposition parties, especially the CDA, think the city council should take action. They emphasise that the nuisance is surpassing the inhabitants. As the rats are appearing in vast areas of Eindhoven-North, according to the CDA, the inhabitants cannot manage by themselves anymore.

City council member Torunoglu trusts that if the inhabitants join forces, they can control the rats by themselves. He has, however, promised to join in a discussion with the inhabitants to consider how to limit the nuisance.

The rats appeared especially in the church village of Acht at first. Over the last few months they are also active in Blixembosch, Achtse Barrier, the Tempel and Woenselse Heide.

Source: Studio040

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