MMC opens new Centre for Keyhole Surgery

Yesterday, the new Centre for Keyhole surgery was opened at the Maxima Medical Centre, where specialists can perform difficult keyhole operations for which much expertise is required. In this specialised centre, the Surgical, Obstetrics and Urology Departments will be able to work even more efficiently together.

In recent years, the MMC has gained a lot of experience with keyhole surgery in the abdominal cavity using a viewing tube: laparoscopy. In 1990, the Eindhoven surgeon, Willem van Erp, was the first Dutch surgeon to remove a gallbladder in a laparoscopic operation. Nowadays, specialists at the MMC regularly train fellow colleagues from other hospitals.

Keyhole surgery means operating without causing any large wounds. By making just five small incisions in the abdomen, surgical instruments can be inserted into the abdominal cavity. The specialist can following what is happening inside the body by watching it on a monitor. Thanks to this new technique, the patient experiences less pain and recovers much more rapidly.

Source: Studio040

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