‘Golden’ role for elderly at Dutch Design Week

Who thinks the DDW is just for young people and hipsters, has got it all wrong. The Dutch Design Week is also for the elderly. In the Eindhoven City Hall there are active older people knitting like their lives are depending on it.

Today the exposition ‘(G)old’ started in the town hall.

The knitted fabrics are not for a grandchild or great-grandchild. The hand made goods are for the commercial market. This serves two purposes: the knitting granny’s are well occupied and there is appreciation for all there own makings. And besides, together they do have a lot of fun.

In the video you see the eldery knitting and a young man is commenting: "young designers are connected to elder ladies who have the knowledge and skills in handicraft. This way the knitting is transformed to today’s fashion.
The lady is adding: "these activities also beat the loneliness amongst the elder generation. Otherwise you are just sitting at home."
The other lady is also happy with the social aspect of getting together. She is mentioning her husband is very ill. Besides going in and out the hospital, the knitting club gives some welcome distraction and you can share your story.
The last lady is disclosing that they do have lots of fun and that she can make bitchy remarks sometimes as a respond to gossip. She reveals: "…when somebody is saying: Oh she is seeing another man or she is doing this or that, she reacts sharply with: leave her, they are her own toys. And then everybody dies from laughing."

Source: Studio040

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