Street festival Via Ventosa: Pay What You Want

On Sunday 24 August the street festival Via Ventosa will offer a packed programme of music, theatre and visual arts. The festival operates according to the Pay What You Want principle: entrance is free, but visitors can give a voluntary contribution to support the event.

In the Ventoselaan, the Ventoseflat and the Temporary Art Centre (TAC) a number of performances are scheduled, including shows by the Eindhoven band Lookapony. Visitors will be surprised with street theatre, performed by the group Afslag Eindhoven, for example.

The TAC courtyard is going to be transformed to accommodate a musical literary programme. At lunch cafe Brownies and Downies there will be a stage for more restrained live music.

Via Ventosa starts at 14:00 and will last until about 23:00.

Source: Studio040

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