Indigo-Wereld and Michaelson a strong connection

This time, I would like to tell about the Michaelson foundation, initiated out of a very sad incident: almost two years ago Michael, the youngest son of Paul Rötschke, decided to commit suicide. Before this, Paul and his son talked a lot about the complicated demons in his head, his hopeless situation and his daily longing for a quiet place to sit down, have a drink and just ‘be heard’.

As a sound starting point to build a fresh future. Michael’s final decision was well thought through though, but hard to accept.

Soon afterwards, Paul decided to create the safe spot Michael and many other youngsters have been missing: somewhere to go to for clearing your head and find support in whatever way.

Lately, I got in touch with Paul, connected myself with him and his mission and got actively involved in this sheltered venue in the Hertogstraat.

Lots of young (and older) people have already found their way to this haven and a growing group of counselors, therapists, coaches and other supporting professionals have dedicated themselves to vision and goals of Michaelson. All of them voluntarily offering time and expertise to support the visitors in a welcoming and heart-driven way.

In the meantime, quite some contacts have been built with other professional care institutes and networks, to explore fruitful ways for cooperation and exchange how to ‘open doors’ for the story behind each individual person who seeks for help.

I believe it’s a beautiful shelter for a lot of people who wander around with heavy burdens. It reminds me of my own location for Indigo-Wereld in the Hoogstraat. That as well has provided for many people a safe environment, a homey ‘nest’ in which to recover, share and strengthen oneself and each other. Socializing and energizing in a pure and open way.

Probably, that is exactly what has spellbound me now. One could feel the enormous power and potential of the place and people involved. I believe that these spots of silence and strength are needed in our quickly moving society. I already heard various credentials of visitors how it has helped them to transform from distress into getting in charge again.

On Paul’s request I read some of my poems at Michaels’s recent commemoration ceremony. I translated one in English:

the light falls
darkness awakes
embraces me with
gloomy glistening
stars, I break to pieces
and coincide

Carola Eijsenring, Indigo-Wereld

Carola writes for Eindhoven News on a monthly basis, she writes about things happening in her life, subjects that touch the multicultural world of Eindhoven:

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