Countdown for Parkfest music festival

The new 4-day music event Parkfest will commence on Thursday in the Philips de Jonghpark.

Folk music fans will be able to enjoy folk music to the fullest. The park festival is the successor of the former Folkwoods festival. It seems that Folkwoods festival had major difficulties with finalising a budget. Therefore, in January the festival was definitely canceled.

The program of the Parkfest resembles the former Folkwoods festival. The event is going to be more accessible due to the much cheaper ticket prices. This will enable a larger group of people to get acquainted with folk music.

The festival area will contain four stages. Two stages will hold free performances and the other two stages will hold paid performances. Workshops will be held and a musical instruments trade-in area will be available. Also, a big dance floor will be placed at the area. Furthermore, the visitors will be able to spend the nights at the special camping site just as was done during Folkwoods festival.

This event is now organised by the foundation for special folk projects and not anymore by the Eindhoven resident, Tinus Kanters. Parkfest will commence on Thursday, 7 August and will last till Sunday 10 August.

Source: Studio040

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