Tough start for cashless TU/e Sports Centre system

Teething problems nearly caused the pilot for cashless payment at the Student Sports Centre to fail. The new system experienced so many technical failures that many members chose not to participate in the test.

It was a serious let-down that MyOrder – the Rabobank mobile payment service – had so many technical issues. Problems included connection issues between the scanner and the service’s central server. "That wasn’t great publicity" admitted Wim Koch Director of the Sports Center. "People were excited to try the new system, and it’s a shame if the system fails several times."

The pilot, which was introduced to minimize the cash flow in the Sports Center, was temporarily shut down in attempt to tackle the issues. Koch claims that the system is "90 percent stable. On very few occasions, the scanner doesn’t recognize the sticker" and its first users are "downright positive."

Koch hopes the system will be used for other facilities around campus, so it can be integrated in the campus card. Martin Boers, Head of Internal Affairs, says that caterer Eurest wants to try out the MyOrder system and the pilot will begin in the new academic year.

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