Groundwork fiberglass connection begins Woensel-Zuid

According to fiberglass company ‘Ons Net Eindhoven’ the groundwork for fiberglass connection will begin this month in Woensel-Zuid.

Reggefiber is responsible for the groundwork and is presently busy with planning the schedule. Residents will find out later this summer when they will be connected to the new fiberglass network.

According to Ons Net, the city and neighbourhood organisations were responsible for convincing residents to switch to a fiberglass network. With these 10,000 new connections in Woensel-Zuid, it will bring the total number of households connected to a fiberglass network in Eindhoven up to 75,000.

Most homes in Woensel-Zuid will receive a free connection to the network. Excluded from this is an apartment building with mostly elderly people, but Ons Net is still negotiating with residents. If at least 30% of the tenants with an Internet connection switch to fiberglass, then the connection will be free of charge.

Source: Studio040

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