Acht is the first heart-safe neighbourhood in Eindhoven

Acht has become the first heart-safe area in Eindhoven thanks to the 150 trained volunteer aid workers and the Automatic External Defibrillators (AEDs).

Should a person suffer from a cardiac arrest somewhere in Acht, help will arrive within 6 minutes. These six minutes are extremely crucial in enabling a higher survival chance of the victim.

Last year, the village council of Acht provided a subsidy for a dummy on which people could practice heart revival procedures. According to the council’s chairman, Remco van Dooren, this enabled the volunteers to receive a better training.

Mr. van Doorn went on to say that the volunteer aid workers are available 24/7. He hopes that other Eindhoven areas will follow in Acht’s footsteps.

Source: Studio040

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