ATM Nieuwstraat sabotaged with glue

Strong increase in burglaries in student homes

Police arrested two men last night, after an ATM in the Nieuwstraat had been sabotaged.

The sabotage was discovered when a foreign man wanted to withdraw some money, but the money did not come out of the machine. He was then approached by two men who were waiting nearby. The tourist did not trust the situation and called the police.

When officers arrived at the scene, they found out that the money dispenser had glue on it. The victim was able to give a clear description of the two men who had approached him. They were apprehended shortly after that. One of the suspects had a knife on him.

The bank who is in charge of the ATM, has turned the machine off and officially reported the tampering to the police. The two suspects are being held for further investigation.

Source: Studio040

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