Quiz Night XL: from Einstein to iphone

The Quiz Night XL at the ‘Klokgebouw’ at ‘Strijp-S’ in Eindhoven on Friday 23 May is one of the highlights of the Dutch Technology Week.

1250 contestants will battle in teams until one team is crowned the smartest. Visitors will also be entertained with music and acts during the breaks.

The third edition of the quiz is of course all about ‘Science & Technology’ and the questions will be supported by images and videos. The subjects range from Einstein to iPhone and include the history of science and modern gadgets.

In line with Dutch Technology Week every team will get a high-tech interactive voting device to answer the questions. Contestants will be able to confer then type in the answers and results will be available immediately.

Teams consist of a maximum of five players. A total of 250 teams will compete and there are fun prizes to win. Participants can also sign up individually and be assigned to a team.

The Quiz Night XL starts at 20:00.
Everyone is urged to be in the ‘Klokgebouw’ by 19:30, because the doors close at 20:00. Food and drinks will be served and the after party will continue until 01:00.

Participation costs 10 euro per person. More information at: www.quiznightxl.nl.

Source: www.brainport.nl

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