Ford’s showroom upgrade with APS Group

Ford Motor Company has selected marketing communications company APS Group to facilitate a premium dealer showroom upgrade across its European locations.

The end-to-end contract sees APS Group dealing with communications, logistics handling and in-store implementation, with the aim to improve customer communication and sign posting within dealerships.

The project supports a global communications strategy, taking into consideration the cultural diversity of geographical markets as well as the requirements of each individual location.

A partnership with Ford’s design agency sees APS rolling out four ‘zones’ in each showroom that will guide the customer through the decision-making process. These include a ‘Hello’ area; a ‘Discover’ zone where customers can gather more information using iPads, colour and trim samples, brochures and digital display; a ‘Relax’ section where clients can unwind and feel at ease; and finally a ‘Thank You’ area outside of the showroom for the exchange of keys.

In addition to the showroom upgrade APS has also developed a web portal that can be accessed by dealers to view and order in-store materials.

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