Thief causes panic in city centre

A thief caused quite a stir yesterday afternoon in the Hermanus Boexstraat in the city centre.

It all began when a 22-year old woman noticed that one of her shopping bags had been stolen from her bicycle. She thought that the thief would probably return to the store where she purchased the merchandise in order to exchange them for money. Thus, she returned to the store and indeed, encountered the thief.

The woman was explaining her story to store employees when the thief suddenly made a run for it. He ran outside and in the process knocked down an 87-year old woman, injuring her.
Security Staff managed to capture the thief when he suddenly began yelling that he had a gun. Store employees ran out of the store and luckily encountered two patrolling officers. They took over the suspect from security personnel. In the end, the suspect was not in possession of a weapon.

The 87-year-old woman who was injured was taken to the hospital by ambulance. The suspect is still in custody awaiting further investigation.

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