Philips highlights the freshness of produce with LED “light recipes”

Philips will be showcasing its Fresh Food LED lighting portfolio at Euroshop (16-20 February), offering supermarkets the perfect lighting for different types of fresh foods.

Light recipes, or optimized light spectrums, can increase sales by highlighting the freshness of the food on display. In a trial conducted at a supermarket in Germany, sales volume of selected fruit and vegetables in the fresh produce department rose by 4.7% under light recipes proving that consumers are ever more demanding in regards to the appearance of their food.

Poor lighting in food counters is a significant contributory factor in the discoloration of meat. Although this lighting-induced discoloration presents no hygiene or health problems, this can have the impact of making products appear less attractive to purchasers and can lead to perfectly edible food going to waste. The most effective way to slow down lighting-induced discoloration is to control and optimize the level of light being used, a process made possible by Philips LED technology. Philips’ new LED Rose lighting solution slows down the discoloration process with an optimized light spectrum.

Source: Philips

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