MakerDays Kick-off

MakerDays, a new initiative from Eindhoven, kicked-off with a worldwide 3D print project. Makerdays will kick-off in New York, Tokyo, Shanghai, Cape Town, Mexico City, Melbourne, Rio de Janeiro, Moscow, Paris and Eindhoven.

Live 3D printing of the 3D MakersDay object designed by renowned designer Michiel Cornelissen, will mark the official start of MakerDays in Eindhoven. The first edition of this multi-day event for the new ‘maker’ sector will take place in the Klokgebouw building in Strijp-S, Eindhoven from Thursday 27th March until Sunday 30th March.

The aim of MakerDays is to bring together ‘professionals manufacturers’ with ‘passionate makers” who create things in their own homes and basements. Kick-off is launched simultaneously in fourteen cities across the face of the globe, by printing the MakerDays three-dimensional logo using the worldwide 3D Hubs’ 3D Printing network.

MakerDays Eindhoven is an exponent of the worldwide ‘making culture’ which has aroused interest in recent years. Industrial technological application has moved into ‘Makers’ homes. MakerDays aims to bring together people with a passion for making innovative products, processes and systems, both in the real and in the virtual world.

Mark de Greef from Eindhoven365: ‘we think this platform is important. The original name was MakerFair but we expanded this concept by not just having the ‘passionate makers’ but also including the professionals from Eindhoven. This is typical for our region’.

MakerDays Eindhoven will include a series of activities such as Manufacturing events, 3D Printed Electronics and Additive World. Maker events by STRP Share, a mini Maker Fair, a Hackathon and the Discovery Factory. MakerDays is an initiative by the following organizations from Eindhoven: Additive Industries, Jakajima and Eindhoven365.

Anyone who wishes to contribute to MakerDays is invited to share their interest and ideas on

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