Dropping off .. Jumping In

Stretched out peacefully, I am enjoying a gorgeous Chinese massage, which reminds me of back home. Peace at last! Calmly I ponder over the busy buzz of last week.

The premiere of our poetry performance ‘Burning Blood’ in the Oude Rechtbank, with three very special musicians; for us a double ‘first time’. Never before we played and performed in this formation and for the first time I recited my poems in English! It has been pure excitement, deeply shared with a warm audience in a full house.

Earlier this week, we gathered in another formation and place, to prepare our new Get in Touch Blog .. soon to be launched! A platform-to-be for international spouses in Eindhoven and all others involved and interested. So many sparkling ideas, splashing input and catching involvement, while eating a yummy warm homemade lunch. Our host spouse is a true expert in fusing foods from all over the world. Always on the lookout for different spices and tastes, she blends them in an inventive way in wonderful and finger licking meals. Food making, baking and tasting is a regular issue in our international Get in Touch community. It definitely will be on the blog as well: homemade recipes, transferred from grandmothers to mothers and daughters, with flavors from far and foreign pasts, full of life stories.

The woman is now kneading the muscles around my spine. Profoundly satisfied, I keep on contemplating. Each day at home, around the kitchen table, hot vibrant discussions with our two grown up boys about our passions, personal convictions, current social issues and our own experiences. Sharing the joy about the band of our eldest, Hunting the Robot. They had just performed in the huge Noorderslag Festival, all the way up north in Groningen. Supporting our youngest, who is sweating over exam tests, while in the meantime preparing his portfolio for the film academy, so constantly having to cope with pulling plights and passions. All of that is flying over the kitchen table: struggles, joys, fierce fights and relaxing reflections. For me a dwelling place to recharge myself and to keep track of each other’s lives.

While the woman is skillfully making each muscle of my body soft and lenient again, my mind is softening along with it .. another week passed what will next week bring .. want to drop off .. want to jump in ..

Carola Eijsenring, Indigo-Wereld

Carola writes for Eindhoven News on a monthly basis, she writes about things happening in her life, subjects that touch the multicultural world of Eindhoven. For more info about Get in Touch: www.indigo-wereld.nl

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