Refurbishings 18 September square done

The operation to refurbish the 18 September square is done for now. The underground bicycle parking also got a facelift.

The paving between Primark and the Bubble is finished and all the broken tiles on the square have been replaced. They got damaged during the build of the Bubble.
To prevent water from leaking into the underground bicycle parking, most of the tiling was re-seamed. This job is not quite done yet; it will be finished after the winter.

The bicycle parking itself has changed as well. As of last month mopeds and scooters are not allowed anymore. This has created more space for regular bikes. Bicycles with unusual sizes, like mama bikes and tricycles have their own space now. Colouring on the wall and on the bicycle racks shows the various areas. The parking also has extended opening hours: bicycles can now be picked up until 23.30hrs.

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