Eindhoven Resident is campaigning for a Mandela trail

Last night the Fire Department had its hands full, minimising the damage that was caused in Eindhoven by the storm that swept across the country.

Different places in the city where affected by the strong winds. The large banner on the ‘Groene Toren’ (green tower) at the Stationsplein above café Movies nearly came off. Out of precaution the whole banner was removed with a hydraulic hoist.

On the Tweelingenlaan, a tree fell down, residents of a side street could not move in or out of the street anymore. A local resident already started to cut the tree in pieces and later was helped by the fire brigade.

On the Achtseweg-Zuid a large fallen tree blocked the cylce path and partly the road. Two fire trucks and additional chain saws were needed to remove the giant.

There have been no reported injuries due to the storm.

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