Smart jacket helps premature babies

In collaboration with the MMC (Máxima Medical Centre), the TU/e has developed a smart jacket for premature babies.

Researcher Sibrecht Bouwstra will be awarded a PhD for her design of the so-called ‘smart jacket’.
The wireless jacket is designed to reduce stress for the child. Monitoring sensors are built into the jacket so doctors can monitor the baby whilst parents hold their baby.

The possible mobility contributes to the bonding process of parents and child. This is important for the development of the child later in life. The monitor sensors built within the jacket mean that adhesive sensors don’t need to be attached to delicate baby skin.

Bouwstra conducted her PhD research in collaboration with the "Vrouw-Moeder-Kind-Centrum" (Woman-Mother-Child Centre) of the Máxima Medisch Centre in Veldhoven. The hospital specializes in taking care of very preterm infants in the special Neo-natal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).

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