The Moca-do-poo Bird By Alasdair Adie

Alasdair Adie started writing the book two years ago following the birth of his daughter. He wanted to write a nostalgic story that would encourage parents to read to their children at bed time. He designed specifically with this in mind.

Being a corporate lawyer in Amsterdam during the day, this gave him the opportunity to do something completely different in his spare time.

He decided to independently publish as he wanted to retain control over the overall look and feel of the book and he worked closely with a local illustrator from Amsterdam. He received a great deal of feedback throughout the process and, after lots of editing and re-editing, this is the result:

The Moca-do-poo Bird
By Alasdair Adie

Illustrations Jane Porter ‘Come on a journey with Sam and Daisy into the fabulous fantasy land of the Home Stream, as they meet the Moca-do-poo bird and his enchanting friends. The Moca-do-poo bird is a bright and comical character who Sam and Daisy discover was abandoned as a young chick on the edge of the Home Stream and raised by Moo, the cow. Sam and Daisy share a series of encounters with the Moca-do-poo’s animal friends and help him to rediscover his purpose in life and find out what happened to his own family. A rich, warm and enchanting tale, with beautiful illustrations written to be a true bedtime story.’

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