Presents if Eindhoven wins Cultural Capital

Councillor Schreurs has promised locals from Eindhoven city center gift if Eindhoven wins the title of European Cultural Capital 2018 according to councilor Schreurs.

No one knows exactly what it is, but the councilor says it is something innovative, that fits what Eindhoven stands for. The presents will have to be made quickly too, because they will be handed out on Saturday. That is one day after the announcement of the winner is made.
Tuesday was a nail biting day for the city. The jury from the Cultural Capital 2018 visited the city. Eindhoven is in the race to be able to call itself European Cultural City 2018.

Eindhoven is still in the race for the prestigious title, alongside Leeuwarden and Maastricht. Eindhoven and the other cities in Brabant have reserved 100 million Euros for the big event.

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