New legal fees for residence permit family reunion

The Dutch government decided to decrease the legal fees for a residence permit for a spouse and children. Reason for this decrease is a decision from the court that the legal fees are not in line with the European rules regarding family reunion.

As from October 9, 2012 the new legal fee for a residence permit for a spouse and / or children will be € 225 per person for the whole procedure (“MVV” and / or “VVR”). The legal fee for a spouse was € 1.550 in case the spouse arrived in the Netherlands after his / her partner and € 550 in case he / she travelled together with the partner to the Netherlands. Concerning a child, the fee was € 550.With these new legal fees it no longer matters whether the spouse / child travels together with the partner / parent to the Netherlands or he / she arrives later. The new fees are applied by the IND effectively as per February 1, 2013 in retrospective as per October 9, 2012. This means that the IND will refund the amount paid above € 225 to everybody who filed an application regarding family reunion after October 9, 2012 or when the IND made a decision after this date.


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