Municipality loses 2 million to Orgelplein

Eindhoven City Council has to completely cover the almost 2 million recovery costs by subsidence on the trailer park of the Orgelplein.

This was reported to the City Council on Thursday.
Eindhoven counted on a 1.6 million euro contribution of Wooninc, owner of the pitches on the trailer park. The move of 23 caravans to the Orgelplein turned into a fiasco. Because of a lack of accountability, a hired project manager lost control of the costs and possibly engaged in fraud.
An amount of 2.2 million that was awarded to the travellers in question for relocation or damage is not justified. Alderman Fiers resigned in March because of the failure.
Residents who claimed damages after 2010 for the subsidence issue won’t receive a payout because no more unacceptable subsidence has been noted. The residents are disappointed and angry about the decision, and they are considering legal action.

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