Businesses: Better traffic connections needed

Road connections around Eindhoven are important for traffic in Southeast Brabant, according to Brabant-Zeeland Employers Association (BWZ).

According to Peter Swinkels of the employers’ association, companies in the region are difficult to reach. Due to this fact, companies are less likely to establish themselves in the region, and that would be bad for the economy. Therefore, these new junctions are urgently needed, says Swinkels.
Quite often, problems still arise on the new Eindhoven ring road. All shortcuts in the central area are immediately busy. The new project would solve the problem, writes Swinkels. This way, smaller towns would be relieved of freight and lorry traffic.
Air pollution would also decrease around the smaller villages, but around the sparsely populated areas, there will be a slight increase. According to Swinkels, former Bavaria CEO, this does not outweigh the current air pollution figures.
Environmental organizations and local residents are not happy with the plans because of the nature that would be affected. According to Swinkels, residents do not have to worry. The Dommel and Aa river area will be completely renewed; a new ‘green’ area will come in return.


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