Concerns about the effects of closure ‘De Aftrap’

Café and Bar Entrepreneurs of Eindhoven’s inner city are concerned about the consequences due to the closure of supporters bar ‘De Aftrap’ (The Kick-off), near PSV stadium. This is according to the Catering Foundation Eindhoven.

Many pub and café owners are worried that PSV-fans will be drawn to Eindhoven’s centre because of the stadium bar closure due to consistent riots and fights. They are of an opinion that the hard-core fans will cause much unrest in regular catering businesses.According to the Catering Foundation, there is much uncertainty as to what this means for cafes in the city centre. Restaurants and cafes are not happily anticipating rowdy fans in their businesses. Bar owners have asked the city municipality for further information.‘De Aftrap” was shut down last year because of riots following the PSV-Ajax match. The café will reopen on 4 September.

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