New investment fund for companies in financial distress

Next year, the municipality of Eindhoven and the Start Foundation will be supporting companies in financial need as a result of the economic crisis.

For this purpose, a special investment fund will be established. Eindhoven will put 500,000 euros in this fund. The province of North-Brabant has been asked to donate the same amount. The provincial government will decide on 21 June.The money will be mainly used for helping smaller companies, who employ personnel that would have difficulty finding another job, should they get fired. For example, because they do not have a higher education, because they are older or because they have a disability.The initiative was taken by a few city council members of the political parties PvdA, VVd and later also D66. They are very concerned about this highly vulnerable group of people.If you wish to obtain more information about the fund, its target group, its scope or any specific credit conditions, you can visit the Start Foundation website:

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