Armed robbery at PLUS supermarket in Veldhoven

An armed robbery took place at the PLUS supermarket in the Dommelshei, Veldhoven, Sunday afternoon around 17:00 Hrs.

Two men entered the supermarket with a knife and threatened an employee.After they had taken money out of the cash register they left. An unknown amount of money was stolen. Nobody got hurt. Both men disappeared without a trace. There is a description of them, however. One of the men is about 1,80 meters (5.9 ft.) tall, quite big, with very short, blond hair. He was wearing a white sweater with a red or pink print. The second man is between 1,80 and 1,85 meters (about 6 ft.) tall, medium build, with black, curly hair. He was wearing a blue sweater, blue jeans and red sun glasses. He is between 25 and 30 years old.

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