TU/e previews the delivery room of the future

The TU/e will host a symposium on Wednesday 24 April on the latest developments in maternity care. This is a joint initiative that includes the hospital, Máxima Medisch Centrum (MMC), and the University of Leuven. Visitors will be able to get a unique glimpse of the delivery room of the future.

The three institutions are working together closely on research into medical monitoring of mother and baby around the time of the birth. In the Netherlands, one baby in a hundred dies at birth every year. This figure is relatively high compared to elsewhere in Europe. Scientists are working on various new techniques that will make it easier to keep an eye on the mother and baby’s health, before, during and after the birth. This should reduce the number of baby deaths.Next week, the TU/e will award Professor Sabine van Huffel of the University of Leuven with an honorary doctorate. She is an authority on biomedical signal processing. Van Huffel will talk about her work at the symposium.

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