Mary Fiers resigns because of Orgelplein case

(Red: Fiers is alderman of Living, Neighbourhoods, Space and Citizen Participation)

Mary Fiers resigned as alderman. She takes responsibility for the issues around the Orgelplein case.Fiers announced her resignation Monday evening during an additional Eindhoven council meeting. It is still unclear how the vacancy at the College van B&W (executive board) will be filled. Reason for the resignation is a new issue that arose regarding the move of trailers to the new trailer park at the Orgelplein. At the end of last week, it appeared that no correct agreement had been put in writing for a new trailer move. According to Fiers it became clear at the very last moment that the move failed to be in line with regulations.Fiers said she had not been informed about these issues in time, but she does take the responsibility.“Only one person is responsible for this case in administrative terms, and that’s me.” Many things went wrong with the trailer park move. Trailers did not remain in place and fraud was committed for at least a million Euros. An external expert allegedly determined a valuation that was much too high, leading to money disappearing into the trailer park inhabitants’ pockets.

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