‘Girl kidnapped in black van Soerendonk’, school warned for child molester

A heavy grey-haired man allegedly kidnapped a girl Tuesday afternoon on the Praatsveld in Soerendonk. He took her in his black van at 16:30 Hrs, according to the police. An Citizen alert network message was sent around, but the police have not yet been able to find the man, who supposedly already wanted to strike last week.

Someone witnessed a 6-year-old girl being pulled into a van by a man. The witness immediately called the police, who have been searching for the van. Roads to and from the village were closed. Also, a helicopter with police officers went searching for the van. The police say it might be a kidnapping, but it has not been confirmed yet. “We sent out an alert message because we wanted to clarify the situation,” says a spokesperson. No one has been reported missing. Source: Omroep Brabant

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