Concerns about Irish Primark’s child labour past

The SP (socialist party) council is concerned about the arrival of a branch from the Irish retail chain ‘Primark’ in Eindhoven. Primark has been guilty of child labour in the past. The party will refer the matter to the municipal council.

The Eindhoven branch will soon be opening on the corner of Hermanus Boexstraat and the 18 September Square. The store’s exact opening date is being kept strictly confidential. According to the SP, a BBC report has painted a disturbing picture of Primark’s policies.Officially, the local council has no authority in deciding which stores are to be allowed in Eindhoven. The SP would like the board to at least be fully informed about Primark. Should it appear that the store still sells products that are made by children, the city council will have no choice but to take strict measurements. According to the party, such an establishment will have a negative effect on Eindhoven’s image as a quality city.

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