Mine sweeper from Eindhoven on show in the MoMA in New York

How simple can a lifesaving invention be? You could spend years thinking about complex machinery for clearing up in former war zones. However, you could use ‘normal’ waste materials, form them into a ball and let it be blown by the wind through the mine field.

That is what Massoud Hassani thought. He constructed a prototype and called it Mine Kafon and now this simpe invention is travelling the world. It will be on display in the MoMA in New York from the 2nd of March.Massoud Hassani developed the minesweeper as a graduation project at the Design Academy in Eindhoven. The minesweeper prototype is large and heavy enough to rolles over a landmine, some of the ‘spikes’ will be blown off, but the cheap minesweeper can survive up to 5 explosions, as stated in Wired magazine.http://www.dichtbij.nl/eindhoven/zakelijk/artikel/2631352/

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