No compensation for Indian victims Eindhoven company Occam

EINDHOVEN – Four Indian heart patients who say they were abused by the Eindhoven company Occam as trial subjects, will receive no compensation.

The judge decided it cannot be proven that the implantation of Dutch tubes into their veins, so-called stents, in a Mumbai hospital was part of improper research. Moreover, it is unclear what kind of damage the patients allegedly suffered.In 2006, the Eindhoven-based company Occam became controversial as a result of this case. In a Mumbai hospital, approximately forty patients received new stents from the Eindhoven company which were implanted into their veins. They were not aware that this was a test. Four patients stepped to the Dutch judge and claimed €50,000 in damages.Occam closed its doors in 2008.Source: Omroep Brabant

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