Housing expenses increase for Eindhoven residents

EINDHOVEN – In Eindhoven, housing costs will increase 1.6 percent on average in 2013, shows a report published by the Centrum voor Onderzoek van de Economie van de Lagere Overheden (COELE) from the State University of Groningen. In 2013, the total housing costs (municipal property taxes, sewer and sanitation taxes) for a family household in Eindhoven will average € 592.

In Eindhoven, the land value taxes will increase 3.5 percent. The sanitation taxes will remain the same for a family household, but for single person households there will be a 3.3 percent increase. There will be a 2.1 percent increase in sewer taxes for all households in Eindhoven.Source: http://www.dichtbij.nl/eindhoven/wonen/artikel/2603894/

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