TU/e PhD: “Pharmaceutical companies are hiding negative research results”

EINDHOVEN – The pharmaceutical industry hides negative results of drug research in a ‘digital drawer ‘. This is revealed in the thesis defended by Jarno Hoekman, who was promoted to PhD at the TU/e yesterday.

Only a quarter of the negative results are published in scientific journals. Three quarters are stashed away on unknown websites or in non-scientific journals. Pharmacists do this for strategic reasons, because “they have an interest in positive studies on their product,” says Hoekman in the Volkskrant.There has been a publication requirement for drug research since 2007.Results of studies on drugs that are not funded by industry, but publicly, are almost always published in scientific journals, whether the outcome is positive or negative.http://eindhoven.dichtbij.nl/zorg/tue-promovendus-farmaceuten-stoppen-negatieve-onderzoeksresultaten-weg

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