Eindhoven teenagers get less into trouble with police

EINDHOVEN – Fewer teenagers are suspected of crime. In 2010, 210 minors between the age of 12 to 17 were arrested by the police in Eindhoven. This means 1 out of every 60 teens, a 12 percent decrease compared to 2009. The majority of Eindhoven teens was arrested for property crime such as theft and burglary.

Compared to the other Brabant cities of Breda, Den Bosch and Tilburg, Eindhoven comes in third as far as juvenile delinquency is concerned. Den Bosch teens get relatively most into trouble with the police (1 out of 42 teens), followed by Breda (1 out of 44), Eindhoven (1 out of 60) and Tilburg (1 out of 65).http://eindhoven.dichtbij.nl/112/eindhovense-jeugd-minder-aanraking-politie

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