The explosion of old Philips Eindhoven office failed

The former offices of Philips in Eindhoven  was on Saturday with two hundred pounds of dynamite  in seconds  demolished  to the ground. This happened about an hour ago.

The operation was not entirely successful, the elevator shaft still stands.The city of Eindhoven has extended   the emergency help after the failed implosion. Residents, who had to leave their homes Saturday morning, cannot yet returned. The part of the building that is still standing seems to be moving slowly.The contractor of the project  is  viewing  if the shaft  can be taken down this Saturday, or that the remnant can  longer stand. The fire department and the contractor are deciding what should be done on this.Building VHDemolition Heezen blew the former executive offices of Philips between Vredeoord and Boschdijk. It is about seventy meters high . VH’s offices used to be offices for Frits  Philips .  The operation drew many visitors on Saturday, thousands of people came to take a look.Residents were  Saturday morning  evacuated from their homes.  The empty houses during the implosion are guarded by the police. The evacuation of the district was uneventful. Some local residents  fear a lot of dust in their home.


video Source Fred
Source Omroep brabant

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