Brabant employers want pro-European elections result

Wednesday,  5 September 2012

TILBURG – Companies in Brabant should choose for Europe and therefore raise the European flag. That is the opinion of chairman Peter Swinkels of the Brabant-Zeeland Employers Association. He is disturbed by the anti-Europe-sound in the election campaign. Many Brabant companies get most of their earnings from exports within Europe.

Swinkels does not understand why the PVV and SP say that the Netherlands are losing money to Europe.According to the former Bavaria CEO politicians are guilty of misleading the voters. “Because many things about Europe are voiced that are not right,” said Swinkels. “Our future lies in Europe and don’t be misled by people who say wrong things.”Swinkels explains exactly where the deception is. “Europe does not cost seven billion euros, it’s only two billion. We earn 120 billion. We do not give 160 billion euros to the Greeks, but guarantee ninety billion euros. That money is not lost, perhaps in part, but then still the interest of Europe is more important.”Source: Omroep Brabant

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