Speeding possible in Belgium

Tuesday, 21 August 2012
BELGIUM – We do not want to encourage you to drive like a maniac, but once you cross the Belgian border South of Eindhoven, you do not have to watch your speed too much. Since the beginning of this year, the Belgian police no longer collects fines from owners of Dutch registered vehicles.

The Belgian police think it is too much trouble to request license plate information through the new European computer system. Up till last year, the Belgian agents asked for traffic violator’s information through RDW (Dutch Vehicle Authority), using business cards, fax and emails. RDW no longer supports these ‘informal’ and time-consuming procedures and the Belgians are not ready for the new system yet.Does this mean that you can hit the accelerator as soon as you see the signs ‘Welkom in Vlaanderen’? Just make sure you have enough cash in your car. If you are pulled over by a police officer, you have to pay cash on the spot.Source: Eindhoven Dichtbij

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