Fair trailer on fire on the A50 by Son and Breugel

uesday, 17 August 2012

SON AND BREUGEL – A fair wagon from the Park Hilaria is completely destroyed by fire on the A50 near Son and Breugel. The fire department of Son and Breugel, as well as the fire department of Sint-Oedenrode were called out for the fire at approximately 01:30hrs.

The trailer stood in the direction coming from Eindhoven towards Oss. The driver was smart enough to disconnect the trailer and thus save his truck before it was engulfed in flames as well.The fire was escalated to a two-alarm fire, which involved more fire trucks to assist in extinguishing the fire. Also a fire truck equipped with foam came from Eindhoven to assist.The police closed the highway in the direction of Oss between the exits of Son and Breugel and Sint-Oedenrode. After the fire was extinguished the trailer removed.Source: Eindhoven Dichtbij

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