DJ Flexican to press charges against the police in Eindhoven

Tuesday, 31 July 2012
EINDHOVEN – DJ The Flexican will be pressing assault charges against the police in Eindhoven. This was the statement issued by his solicitor, Yehudi Moszkowicz.

The Flexican, also known as Thomas Goethals, was apprehended with force by the police after the Sneakerz dance festival on Saturday night. Rapper Sef, a friend, who came to Eindhoven with The Flexican, was quoted on Twitter as saying that he was also beaten by the police “for no good reason” .After comparing a number of witness statements along side those of Sef and Flexican, Moszkowicz decided to press charges against the police in Eindhoven. They will be charged with excessive and unnecessary use of force”.The incident occured on Saturday night after the Sneakerz dance festival. Flexican and Sef were walking towards the carpark when two police cars passed them. According to the police, Flexican slapped the police car when the policecar passed them slowly. According to the solicitor’s report, one of the police car’s then ran over Flexican’s foot and he was hit by the wing mirror. “Instead of asking if he was injured, or offering to help, the police then proceded with verba land physical abuse”, according to the statement issued by Moszkowicz.The incident was filmed and this has been viewed thousands of times. This incidence of “police brutality” is also a hot topic on Twitter.Source: Eindhoven Dichtbij

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