Catharina hospital: a new type of angioplasty increases life expectancy

Tuesday, 28 August 2012
EINDHOVEN  – A different type of angioplasty can save up to 200 lives a year in the Netherlands. Researchers in Catharina hospital analyzed an advanced type of angioplasty that offers better outcomes for patients.

It also leads to lower treatment costs.The research (FAME II) was published in the New England Journal of Medicine Tuesday. Angioplasty based on blood pressure monitoring before and after the artery’s narrowing is much better than angioplasty based on x-rays, according to the researchers. Now, there is evidence that a stent (a tube inserted into an artery in order to prevent localized flow constriction) actually leads to a longer life and is more effective than medication. This only applies when a stent is placed in case the blockage causes a lack of oxygen.Source: Eindhoven Dichtbij

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