TU/e develops “self-healing” coating

Tuesday, 17 July 2012
EINDHOVEN – The researchers of the TU/e managed to develop a coating that repairs itself after damage.

The coating can make sure that no longer fingerprints will be made on a mobile phone, that washing a car will no longer be needed, or that aircraft need fewer times painting.In case of aircraft also applies: the cleaner the surface, the less air friction, the less kerosene is needed. Other applications include contact lenses that are not scratched, and coatings where no algae attach to, which is useful for ships. The limitation of the new technology is that it only works on shallow scratches, which do not entirely go through the coating.The results of this study will be published Tuesday in the influential journal Advanced Materials.The researchers of the TU/e have to further develop the invention and for that they cooperate with other universities.The expectation is that within six to eight years the coatings will be production ready.

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